Mini Chaff Cutter / kutti Machine / Toka Motor and diesel engine Operated- AGROMACH-1000E

mini kutti machine mini toka

Samyak Agro Implements also has range for agriculture purpose we have developed Chaff Cutter / kutti Machine / Toka with heavy duty hardness blade for cutting of chaff. Machines are built on M.S. foundation and body. V-Belt pulley fitting for electric motor and diesel engine. Capacity of old machine is 300 Kg/hr but with new model capacity increases up to 1000 kg/hr.

You can chaff Sugarcane, Jawar, Maize, Barseen both dry and green.

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Motor and Diesel Engine Operated Specifications

Model Name AGROMACH1000E
H.P Required 2 H.P. MOTOR or 4 H.P. Engine
No. of Blades 2 Blades
No of Roller and and and 2 Rollers
Output Size and 1/2 Inch to 3/4 Inch
Capacity Up to 1000Kg/Hour
Width 60* Cm approx.
Length 70* Cm approx.
Height 90* Cm approx.
Weight 90* Kg approx
* Size and weight may vary.

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