Chaff Cutter / kutti Machine / Toka Blower Model with Feeding System Motor and Engine Operated- AGROMACH-4000M

blower model chaff cutter

The Motor and Engine Operated Chaff Cutter / kutti Machine /Toka is one of the offered models of Chaff Cutter / kutti Machine / Toka from Samyak Agro which can be suitably driven on 15 H.P. Electric Motor* or 20 HP and above Diesel Engine**. Fully suitable for towing so as to carry from one place to another. This Chaff Cutter / kutti Machine /Toka model can be efficiently utilized for cutting dry or green fodder for the animals. Feeding the animals with the fodder prepared by the Chaff Cutter / kutti Machines, helps in easy digestion. In case, of cattle and other animals, their milk yielding capacity is found to be increased after they have been fed with the fodder cut from a Chaff Cutter / kutti Machine / Toka.
- Separate Attachment is required for placing the Electric Motor.
- Extra Heavy Duty Channel Frame is required to couple the Diesel Engine.

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Chaff Cutter Specifications

Model Name AGROMACH4000M
H.P Required 15 H.P. MOTOR or
20 HP Engine
No. of Blades 3 Blades
Output Size 1/2 Inch to 3/4 Inch
Capacity Up to 4000Kg/Hour

Other Features of kutti Machine

- Optional Power Source: Above 15 HP Electric Motor or 20 HP Diesel Engine.
- Self Feeding Arrangement.
- Self Feeding Conveyor Size (L x W): 76 x 15 Inch.
- Heavy Duty Gear Box for determining the cut size.
- Can be easily transported. Thus suitable for on the spot cutting.
- Durable Quality.
- Ease of operation and low maintenance.
- High production in lesser time periods.
- Blades: 3 piece Moving Knife.
- Output Material Size: 12 to 35 mm.
(Figures are dependent on the feeding item's conditions and manpower employed)

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